*Noodles made with vegetable oil and without eggs
*no chemical food additives of seasoning
* no animal products used in the soup
* non-GMO soy sauce
*instead of using refined salt, they use Italian sea water which is dried for 6 months leaving behind the salt residue






Yakisoba noodles, completely free of animal products or eggs with a sauce using
only natural ingredients with the same features as above

they do have a lot more including an organic range of noodles but its kind of rare to kind vegetarian noodles in Japan that taste so good.



Sunflower oil – pet bottles

Minimum order quantity: 10 /40’ containers

FOB: £0.57 per liter

Refined Sunflower cooking oil
high-quality sunflower oil for hot sale
Processing Type: Refined
Cultivation Type: Organic
Purity (%): 100

Ref: MGT 24 January 2018







Heinz products

We put at your disposal a stock of Heinz products (Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, BBQ sauce, various formats)
Multi-language tags: IT, FR, EN, ES, PT, NO, DA, FI, SV, AR, TR, EL, PL
Quantity available in stock 1.030.384 / pcs
Our offer prices TO TAKE ALL is  £0.35 pp
32 pallets (one truck)

NO Restriction for resale
Attached list and image of all available formats.






RED BULL Energy Drink

25O ML – USD 16,50 dap port europe

RED BULL (24X 250 ML)




We offer innovative compositions of the highest quality natural teas and coffee in unique packaging.If you are looking for a product that stands out in the market and will surprise your consumers.









B.You, is a Brazilian company which sells açaí manufactured products worldwide. Currently, we are one of the first companies to sell açaí smoothies packaged in a Tetra Pak. In case you have not heard of açaí, it is a berry that grows exclusively in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, which is becoming rapidly trendy due its health benefits that categorizes it as a superfood.

Our smoothie has the highest concentration of açaí compared to other açaí juices in the market. While B.You has over 30% of açaí in its smoothie, the majority of other companies only have an average of 3-8%, giving us a 3-4x higher açaí concentration, making our customers truly benefit from this exclusive berry’s nutritional benefits. Our intentions are to achieve the closest representation of the original smoothie served in Brazilian shops, beaches and juice bars.

Preview attachment B.You Business Presentation.pdf










3,57 euro unit for the 280 gr
1,93 for the cream (90 gr)
8,61 for the can (800 gr)


Preview attachment PRICE LIST 1 FEB 2017.pdf

Preview attachment catalog feb 2017.pdf




Falafel Powder

Falafel, is a type of Arab food get crushed dry chickpeas added a lot of flavors and spices.

This powder is placed in water and become ready for frying with oil and then placed in sandwiches plus a mixture of fresh vegetables.

There are several flavors of Syrian and Lebanese Falafel, very famous secret sauce.

I currently attend an export plan rate bags 50 kilos of this powder. To fill in and put my own brand and then distributed in small, medium and large clients.

We’re talking about 100, 000 MT minimum annual business due to material consumption in Europe and around the world.